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Welcome to my website! 
My name is Sophie Fellner, and I was born and raised in Austria. Yes, beautiful Austria, where Sound of Music was filmed.
Right now, I am based in York, PA.
I am a Travel Specialist, and my company is Fernweh Travel Experiences LLC. 
I have always had a great love for travel planning. I have been to 26 countries on this beautiful planet, and I am very excited about continuing to grow that list. 
I know how much hard work and detail go into planning a memorable vacation, and that is exactly where I can help! 
I am here to create the best holiday experience for individuals, couples, and families. I work with selected travel partners and hotels directly. From a campground to a private beach house or to a 5-star luxury hotel, whatever your desires may be. There is nothing that cannot be planned!

Since 2015 I have visited Mexico, especially the Riviera Maya, every year at least once, and planning trips to the Riviera Maya sparks so much joy that I decided to focus on it as my specialty. 

 My goal is to support you with every step of your travels so that the only thing you have to do is to pack your suitcase and get on your way. 

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